9-Simple ways to keep your dog healthy into old age

My beautiful dog still walks 3KM a day at 16. And yes, she is amazing!

While watching TV I massage her back legs to keep the blood running through the muscles.

We go on slow, daily walks, the best defence for mental health and to keep her life interesting.

She can sniff, sniff, sniff as much as she likes; in their senior years let them go where they want at the pace they want. New environments keeps their minds sharp.

Add home made bone marrow to their diet, great for bone and joint support: Ultimate superfood. Slow cook bones with apple cider vinegar, let cool and mix the jelly in with their dinner. Yum!

Manage environments to support against falls, put baby gates up on stairs and barriers into areas where they can get stuck or hurt. Older dogs are less agile.

Invest in some good reusable nappies, best thing I ever did.

Teeth cleaning is extremely important, brushing or a good dental treat daily.

Multiple water bowls and beds; I have 5 water bowls and 4 beds in my house and garden.

Take them on outing to the beach, picnics and involve them, make them feel special and loved.

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