Wild Woolly Dogs are miniature replicas of your dog. A lifelike model of your dog that you can hold and keep forever. Wild Woolly Dogs make a unique memorial gift and a perfect way to remember your dog. Needle felted dogs are created with patience and precision. Fibre artist Di specialises in making dogs that look surprisingly like the real life inspiration. These felted dogs are sculptured freehand using a fine needle and sometimes one fibre of wool.

Starting with a wire armature and using needle felting techniques Dianne uses Australian and New Zealand wools to try and capture the colours and character of your dog.  Each dog has hand painted glass eyes, and a hand made clay nose that is baked in an oven.

Your much cherished pet can be kept by your side to be remembered forever. Felted dogs make a wonderful memoroia; gift for someone who has recently lost their beloved pet.


Wild Woolly Dogs are about 15cm long, 15cm high and 5cm wide but this can vary slightly depending on the breed.


The inspiration behind Wild Woolly Dogs was to create something very cool, totally eco-friendly, and sustainable that showcased Di’s love of dogs and fine needle work.

Dogs provide a friendship that is unconditional, positive, and always warm. Our strong attachment to dogs makes it particularly difficult when we lose them. Di is richly rewarded for this fine craft when she sees the joy of a dog owner holding their beloved dog again.


Accessories such as collars, mats, coats, balls can be added at a cost of $15-30 depending on the item. Please email request and a quote will be given before starting the order.

Incorporate your dog’s fur

If you wish, Di can incorporate a small amount of your dog’s fur into the commission. This memorialises your dog forever and gives a truly unique element to your felted dog. If you would like to do this, please tell Di when making the order so that she can wait for the fur to arrive by post. There is no charge for this service.

Your felted dog

Di really wants you to love your felted dog and works hard to ensure all customers are happy. Di is happy to make small changes, such as minor markings, but cannot make any major changes from the original request, such as change of position once started.

Please also be aware Di strives very hard to achieve realistic results and to duplicate your pet as close as is possible. However, using the colours and textures of sheep’s wool has limitations. The dog is an artistic likeness of your pet as seen by the artist.


In order to give you the best representation of your dog, Di needs 4-6 views to work from. Please have a look at the following photos and send us similar views of your dog. If the dog has passed, just try to send the best photos that represents these positions. If your

dog has any special or identifying features such as spots or markings please photograph these as best as you can.





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