Wild Woolly creations are sturdy and with minimal care, will last many years. We create hand made “soft” art pieces for decorative and heirloom purposes. Wild Woolly creations are an original, unique, one-of-a-kind wool fibre sculpture and can be best held by one paw or leg.

The more you handle the sculpture, the more natural skin oils and residue will transfer onto the sculpture. This will be hard to remove without roughing up the surface and fibres coming loose.

Wild Woolly creations are not heavily felted as less details can be included.
Keep in mind, given the nature of soft sculpture, too much handling may cause the surface to start to get slightly frizzy over time. When handled excessively fibres will tend to come loose on the surface, however with small manicure-type scissors careful trimming of these fibres will not cause any damage to the sculpture.

The sculpture is not a toy and for both child safety, and longevity of the sculpture it should not be treated as one. Being natural wool, it is durable, naturally flame resistant, and water resistant. Playing with the sculpture is at each owner’s discretion and choice.

Sculptures can be kept dust free by using a gentle air source like a hair dryer on cool setting to blow dust off.