Ashford Flick Carder – Long Handle



fine 108 point cloth
large 30 x 30cm (12×12″) carding area
three-position adjustable keel, you can work with it on a table, on your lap, and even pack it up and take it on holiday. for a comfortable angle when working on a table, use the keel in position one. to use the blending board on your lap, loosen the keel bolt a little, position the keel between your knees and rotate the board to your preferred position.
blending board brush, two dowel rods for drafting and removing the rolags

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This is your first carder for preparing individual staples of fleece wool. A flick carder is a very handy little tool which will open up staples quickly and efficiently for spinning or preparing staples for drum carding. It can be used with washed or unwashed fibre. The flick carder can also be used for cleaning the drum carder.

Comfortable handle
Card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life


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