Chook, Chook Wool Pack + Pre recorded tutorial


Chook, Chook Wool Pack Level 1-2
All materials included
Pre Recorded Video making 2 chooks
Make more for your friends at home

1.  Pls purchase wool pad or multi tool
if you do not have these tools.
2. Tutorial can be viewed via your log in
under ‘my videos’ once purchased.




Wild Woolly wool packs give the ability to buy just the wool, tutorial and needles to make this particular creation.  We are mindful that customers have already purchased tools and only need the wool and tutorial. Therefore, if this is your first needle felting project we advise you to also include the following tools:
1 x wool pad
1 x 3 needle multi tool

Chook Chook pre reordered workshop is a fun way to learn more needle felting skills and know how. Di will give lots of advice and guidance on how to make the wire armature and then wrapping the wool. This class is for Level 1-2.  You will be given step to step guidance on how to make  these chooks. Choose out of the 4 designs or make up your own. Once you know how you can make some for your friends and family. Please see video below.

What you will learn
Basic body shaping, proportions and how to get a realistic shape.
Building a basic wire armature.
Blending wools.

Material included:
2 x  high quality 38 star needles, 2 wool balls, core wool, NZ corriedale wools, pipe cleaners, wire, 2 sets of glass eyes.
Kit makes 2 chooks

Wild Woolly is mindful to use eco friendly products, and sources all products for the good of the environment. Wool packs are to help customers only get the materials they need and not to double up on tools or unfriendly kit products like foam.

Children under 10 years will need supervision while needle felting.

Additional information

Wool Pad or No Wool Pad

Wool Pad not required, Wool Pad required

Multi Tool or no Multi Tool

Multi Tool not required, Multi Tool required


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