Clover Felting Needle Tool 8900


Clover Needle Felting tool
Great for flattening fibre
Perfect for wool painting
Make flat felt for ears, clothes etc
Felts fast and easy
Which multi tool is best
See video below




Our multi needle felting tools make felting quick and easy. The Clover multi tools can be used on projects big and small.

At Wild Woolly we use this tool to make flat pieces of felt. Like for ears, lips, becks, hat brims and clothing; wherever you need a thin piece of felt. The other brilliant use if for wool painting, to hammer all the fibre in once you have it placed where you want it.

This felting tool has a locking device for safety and storage. No thread or glue necessary, just a light punch is required. Also ideal for a variety of wool and felt fabrics. This felting tool has 5 fine barbed needles (suitable for a range of fabrics) that catch the wool fibres and push them into the base fabric to attach them.  The needle can be replace if broken.


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