Gift Certificate Custom Made Dog


Has a loved one lost their special Friend?

Custom Made Dogs make the perfect memorial gift.
Each dog is loving made to be as realistic as possible.
Brighten up your loved ones day with this special gift.


Here at Wild Woolly we take pride in our custom made work.  Each dog is treated as a special order and is loving made to resemble the dog as much as possible.  This is a gift that keeps giving as it brings calmness and joy every time you look at your dog’s tiny face.

This miniature replica will last a lifetime as it is made from 100% natural material and will become an heirloom if treated correctly.  Each dog has hand painted glass eyes, handmade clay noses and leather collars can be ordered. Dogs take between 3-4 weeks to make depending on what time of the year and Di requires about 6-8 photos. 


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