My Super Cool Needle Felting Tool Kit + Wren Kit


1 x Medium Wool Pad
8 x Needle Pack (6 different gauges)
6 x colour coded wooden needle holders
1 x Multi needle holder x 3 needles
6 x 15g Corriedale wool
50g Core Wool
2 pair of 6mm black glass eyes
10 x 20 gauge armature wire
6 x 20 gauge brown paper covered wire
6 x 26 gauge white paper covered wire

Wren Kit: Youtube tutorial
Wool-Natural White, Light, Medium and Dark
Indigo, classic blue, bubble gum, liquorice.
Wren tutorial can be viewed via your log in
under ‘my videos’ once purchased.



Learn the art of needle felting and create professional-quality creations with the My Super Cool Needle Felting Tool Kit! In this felting class, you will learn how to use high-quality materials and tools to take your needle felting skills from beginner to professional.

Discover the joy of working with a wool mat and wooden handles that not only protect your fingers and hands but also enhance your felting experience. With the premium Groz Berkert needles made from high carbon steel, you’ll achieve the best results and a polished finish. The needles come in a variety of types and are color-coded to match the comfortable, pen-shaped wooden handles for easy identification while you work.

With beautiful New Zealand Corriedale wools and Australian core wool included in the kit, you’ll have the opportunity to sample and expand your collection of wools for future projects. For added versatility, the kit also includes 10 armature wires and 12 brown and white paper-covered wires, allowing you to create not only wrens but other creatures of your choice.

The star of the kit is the Little Kahuna, a powerful 3-needle multi-tool that speeds up the felting process. Its needle positions make felting quick and efficient, and the needles are replaceable for long-lasting use. To start your felting journey on the right foot, a wooden spatula and skewer are gifted to you as good karma.

In addition to the comprehensive tool kit, the Super Cool Kit includes all the materials needed to create a wren, such as a variety of Corriedale wools in natural and vibrant colours. Along with the kit, you’ll have access to a Youtube tutorial that guides you through the process of making the wren, and there’s even enough wool to create more little wrens or other creatures.

At Wild Woolly, we prioritize eco-friendly products, ensuring that all materials sourced for this felting class are environmentally friendly. Join us and embark on a transformative felting experience, where you’ll not only create beautiful creations but also develop your skills and passion for needle felting. Let your imagination soar as you bring wool to life!


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