50g – $12
100g – $21
150g – $30
Fibre diameter:
Merino- 19 micron
Baby alpaca- 21.5 micron
Staple length-merino – ~7.5cm (3″), alpaca – ~7cm (3″)

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Wild Woolly love to dye this fibre for a super fine finish on custom made creations.  It is really beautiful blend as it has a love shine to it. Sumptuous blend of 20% Silk, 30% baby Alpaca and 50% fine Merino. Perfect for spinning, felting, carding, dyeing and all your textile crafts.

Ashford Wool Mill in Ashburton NZ are the produces of this beautiful blend of wool. The wool is washed (scoured) using a standard aqueous treatment at 60-70 degrees with an eco-friendly detergent that is biodegradable and breaks down quickly in water. It is then dried and ready for dyeing using Oeko-Tex 100 compliant dyes. The fibre is then carded, gilled and combed to remove any short pieces and to align the fibres. An auto-leveller ensures the sliver is a standard thickness or kilotex (grams per metre) before it is converted into 1kg (2.2lbs) balls.
Ashford sliver is then ready to spin, weave or felt without waste or further preparation.

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