Armature Wire


Wire (20 pieces)
Length 45cm
Gauge 18, 20, 22
Perfect for armatures small-medium size

Paper covered wire (20 pieces)
Length – 40 cm
Paper covered Brown – Gauge 18, 20, 22, 24, 26
Paper covered White – Gauge 18, 20, 22, 24, 26
Perfect for tiny hands, feet, toenails etc
Paper wire an be painted to get the perfect look

18 Gauge thickest -26 gauge the thinnest

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Wire for armature
When making wire armatures for your creations it is a must to use wire that is manageable and also has strength to support your creature.  I tend to twist shorter piece of wire together as long pieces are difficult to deal with.  My go to wire is 18, 20 and 22 gauge as they are so flexible and you can use your hands or pliers.  18 gauge is the thickest, and 22 is thinner. Once I have made the basic armature I wrap it with pipe cleaners so that the wool can grip onto the wire frame.

Paper covered wire
Paper covered wire is great for claws, hands, feet smf wings of little creatures or even bigger creatures. If brown does not suit your project the white wire can be painted with acrylic paint to the colour your creature needs to be. That way one bundle of white wire can be used for a lot of different creatures. Paint before or after you make it.

Additional information

Wire gauge

18 gauge, 20 gauge, 22 gauge, 24 gauge, 26 gauge


Armature Wire, Paper covered wire brown, Paper covered wire white


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