Multi Tool Wooden Needle Holders


Big Kahuna Multi Needle Wooden Holder
8 x 38 gauge needles
Reduces to 2, 4 or 6 needle tool
Little Kahuna Multi Needle Wooden Holder
3 x 38 gauge needles
Replacement needle can be purchased under Needles
Unscrew handle to replace needle or change needle amount or gauge
Great for large or small projects

Which multi tool is best
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Our multi needle felting tools  make felting quick and easy. These multi tools can be used on projects big and small.

The Big Kahuna holds 8 x 40 gauge needle and is great for making flat pieces of felt on you mat, think ears, clothes and when ever you need a flat piece of felt. They also can be used to felt lightly on top of the project to give it a lovely smooth finish by tucking away stray fibres. Can also be changed to make to make different combination of needles 2, 4, 6.

The Little Kahuna holds 3 x 40 gauge needles and it great for shaping work fast.  Felts very quickly due to the space between the needles and the depth it will go into a project.  Moulds shapes core wool harder quickly. That allows you a more solid base to put the top coat of colour on.

Both tools are wooden and come with high quality needles made from premium, high carbon steel. The needles are easily removed to make them into combinations of gauges you want, positioning of needle, and to change out broken needles.  With a tight screwing handle needles don’t  ever come loose. These tools are a must have in any needle felting journey.

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