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High quality Groz Beckert felting needles

2 Needles $5
4 Needles $8
6 Needles $11
8 Needles $14
10 Needles $16
25 Needles $35
50 Needles $60
Set of 8 Assorted needles $14 (see below)
Wooden Holders sold separately

Watch video below for needle explaination

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High quality Groz Beckert felting needles that I use on every day projects. Color coded to give you quick access to the right needle to do the right job.

Made in Germany from premium, high carbon steel.
Barb dimensions are equal across all  sides
Greater needling efficiency due to distribution of the barbs over all edges

Assorted Needle Set of 8 ($ 14)
1 x 36 Star
2 x 38 Star
2 x 40 Star
1  x Reverse
1 x 38 Twist
1 x 40 Twist

Felting Needle Explanation 

Star needle – 4 side needle with 3 barbs down all 4 sides.
Star 36 gauge – orange,  To start projects, felts core wool quickly and firmly. with 8 barbs, are medium gauge needles, useful for quickly building up the main body of a project. These cross-star needles have a greater number of sides and barbs than triangular needle, so they felt faster.
Star 38 gauge – blue,  Good all round needle, great for add top coat (colour) to your projects.with 8 barbs, are a medium gauge – finer than a 36 gauge, but still useful for quickly for building up the main body of a project.
Star 40 gauge – pink, Use for fine detail, like eyes. Will also works to flatten down stray fibre on the surface of a project.
Star 42 gauge – black, Will felt in one fibre at a time, when doing fine work like eyes, noses or hair.

Triangle needle – 3 sided with 2 barbs down each 3 sides
Triange 38 gauge is the replacement needle for the wooden multi tools
Triangle 40 gauge is a finer replacement needle for the 3 & 8 needle multi tools
Triangle 40 gauge Reverse Barb – purple,  Pulls out fibre for fluffy finish, also pulls out underlaying colours.

Twisted needles – are a triangle needle that has a slightly twisted shaft, which spreads the barbs as they go into your project.  This means that they felt quickly and covers a wider area without leaving too noticeable a hole behind.
Twist 38 gauge – have 6 barbs. The triangular cross-sectional working area of these needles has been twisted, which we find works faster and leaves less visible holes.
Twist 40 gauge -with 6 barbs, have a fine gauge, and a twisted cross-sectional working area, making them ideal for fine and finishing work.

Additional information

Choose Gauge Required

36 Star, 38 Star, 40 Star, 40 Triange Reverse, Twist 38, Twist 40, 1x 36Star, 2x 38Star ,2x 40star, 1x Reverse, 1x 38Twist, 1x 40Twist, Triangel 40, Triangle 38, x42 triangle

Choose number of Needles required

Set of 8, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, x 25, +50


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