Santa Workshop Brisbane

Santa Level 3
Made in-house at Wild Woolly Heads






Santa is a Level 3 workshop where you will learn lots of skills.  It is set over 2 days so that you can take him home and work on him for a little extra time at home if you feel the need.

Lesson 1: Wire armature and cover him with core wool, shape body and head
Lesson 2: Cover completely with top coat, boots to hat. Shape face

Level 3 Requirements:
Bring own tools: Felting mat, needles 38, 40 and multi tool, scissors.
Materials: Wire, pipe cleaners, core wool, top coat, english Leicester will be supplied.
Skill Level: Has worked with wire before in a felting project.

Participants will take home one Santa.
There may be homework to do at home in between lesson 1 & 2. . 


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