Piper cleaners


Piper cleaners – 30cm
20 pieces  – $1
Animals Colours-White, Black, Honey, Tan, Chocolate
Xmas Colours-Red, Green, Cherry Red, Lime Green

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When making wire armatures for your creations it is a must to wrap the wire in pipe cleaners so the wool will grip to the wire.  I use the same colour pipe cleaner as the wool where possible as when using thin pieces of wool you can see the colour of the pipe cleaner underneath. This can happen particularly on paws, hands, antlers and the like. Pipe Cleaners are versatile and can be twisted together easily without wire as needed for more strength in smaller projects.  Finding it hard to get the right colour pipe cleaner, these are my most popular colours for animals and Christmas projects.

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10, 20

Pipe Cleaners

Cherry Red, Green, Black, White, Honey, Tan, chocolate, Lime, Red


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